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LED Christmas Lighting Market Overview

At the end of the year, many countries in the world will feel the Christmas breath, while the cosmetic cities, home, and shops are the horizon, which is a variety of beautiful brilliant fairy lights. In addition to our well-known Christmas lights, Christmas lights, as well as special occasions, architectural lighting, with Christmas candlelights. In […]

Is the intelligent home now develops mature

Since 1984, the United States has developed in the United States, the smart home industry has been developed around the world for 30 years. After decades of technology change and market, with the frequent efforts of domestic Internet, operators, home appliances, hardware and other manufacturers, smart families have grown into integrated smart home appliances, home […]

Where the rise of the smart home is being driven

The growth of the smart home continues to accelerate: according to a Berg Insights report, approximately 22.5 million homes in Europe had the technology installed by the end of 2017, with North America following closely behind with 22.3 million homes. Where the rise of the smart home is being driven by Garage doors automatically open […]

How big is the impact of 2.4G wireless module on smart home

With the transformation of traditional home appliance manufacturers across the Internet of Things smart home industry, to achieve intelligent home appliances networking, remote control, WiFi-2.4G wireless modules are valued and used in large quantities in many smart hardware. In fact, we are not unfamiliar with WiFi, as long as we surf the Internet, we basically […]

The meaning of smart home, smart home to bring us the benefits!

With the continuous development of technology, smart home has gradually come into our lives. In addition to bringing us a safe and convenient living environment, I believe many people want to know what other benefits can bring to us. Next, follow me to understand the meaning of smart home, smart home to bring us what […]

Advantages of home automation

Convenience and speed To achieve home automation, it is necessary to take advantage of the rapid development of computer technology, automation control technology and modern communication technology. Using these technologies, people can easily access the information in the home through computers or other network access devices, including various meter readings and costs, the status of […]

IoT and Cloud Computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new way to link sensors, controllers, machines, people and things together in a new way by using communication technologies such as local area networks or the Internet for sense, realizing the connection between people, people and things. Things and things, to build an information-based, remote management and control, […]

Smart Home Communication Technologies

Smart home will also use various other new technologies, including essential communication technologies, such as wireless technologies Zigbee, Z-Wave, RF, Bluetooth, WIFI, EnOcean, UWB, NB-IoT, Lora, etc., and wired technologies RS485, RS232, Modbus, KNX, etc. Zigbee is a short-range, low-power wireless communication technology featuring proximity, low complexity, self-organization, low power consumption, and low data rate. […]

The future with intelligence – smart lights change the quality of life

They don”t just sit in the socket and light up the room like a regular light bulb, which is boring. Smart light bulbs they are called smart for a reason. They can be connected wirelessly to a cell phone application, a feature that offers great possibilities for people. Generally installed in the home bulbs only […]

Is Home Automation Safe

No modern technology is a 100% sure-fire, and Home-Automation is no various. Right here are some points to keep in mind when buying Home Automation. Unless switched off, smart audio speakers are constantly listening. Privacy: When it involves Smart Houses, you truly need to consider the fact that being so connected provides firms the possibility […]