What You Need To Know To Get Started With Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has come a long way in just the past few years. We now have thermostats that can talk to each other, light bulbs that can change color, and even toilets that can tell when you”re having a big day. But despite all this innovation, many smart home products still rely on one […]

Reasons why smart bulbs are called smart, and the features introduced

Whether it”s from enhancing the party atmosphere or improving the quality of your sleep, today I”m recommending the top 5 reasons to replace your smart bulbs. Smart bulbs are not the same as ordinary LEDs, and they are not like ordinary bulbs just used to light the room, which would be too boring. And smart […]

How to dissipate heat in smart LED lights

Heat dissipation management is the most difficult, demanding and costly part of the design of new LED lights. Without adequate thermal management, catastrophic consequences such as lighting failure or fire will result. However, thermal management of LED lamps is the most complex, demanding and costly part of the overall design solution. This paper will discuss […]

Ordinary lights to smart home lights? What aspects of lighting options to look at?

In the past two years, the speed of technological progress is rapid, and there is progress in technology, more and more items and the previous use of the method is different, like the door, the door switch usually requires a key, but now only fingerprints can, of course, the most commonly used items in the […]

Artificial intelligence changes what changes in people’s lives

Artificial intelligence will become one of the most revolutionary transformation technologies in humans. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, what predictions and assumptions are coming? What will happen after people invented all things invented? Artificial intelligence experts spend a lot of time thinking and exploring the future: Artificial intelligence may bring where human beings? […]

LED Christmas Lighting Market Overview

At the end of the year, many countries in the world will feel the Christmas breath, while the cosmetic cities, home, and shops are the horizon, which is a variety of beautiful brilliant fairy lights. In addition to our well-known Christmas lights, Christmas lights, as well as special occasions, architectural lighting, with Christmas candlelights. In […]

Is the intelligent home now develops mature

Since 1984, the United States has developed in the United States, the smart home industry has been developed around the world for 30 years. After decades of technology change and market, with the frequent efforts of domestic Internet, operators, home appliances, hardware and other manufacturers, smart families have grown into integrated smart home appliances, home […]

Where the rise of the smart home is being driven

The growth of the smart home continues to accelerate: according to a Berg Insights report, approximately 22.5 million homes in Europe had the technology installed by the end of 2017, with North America following closely behind with 22.3 million homes. Where the rise of the smart home is being driven by Garage doors automatically open […]