At the end of the year, many countries in the world will feel the Christmas breath, while the cosmetic cities, home, and shops are the horizon, which is a variety of beautiful brilliant fairy lights.

In addition to our well-known Christmas lights, Christmas lights, as well as special occasions, architectural lighting, with Christmas candlelights. In the modern, traditional Christmas lighting can make the festival, but the waste of energy is more energy, the excellent source of LED has slowly replaced a lot of traditional Christmas lights, and its penetration has been greatly improved. Many More textured Christmas lights, using LED lights to be quite high when Christmas lights.

The development of the current Christmas celebration LED light source

Large LED Christmas Tree is mainly the US government, and the federal government is generally used in the square, or the special building is outside, and there are also many companies. From the US Government”s LED Christmas tree set in Washington, DC, there is a quite towering size. In recent years, LED light sources have been fully comprehensively used, replacing traditional tungsten Christmas small light bulbs to make this Christmas tree, the most important thing is to improve energy saving Benefits, more than 60% of electricity, depending on the traditional tungsten source (depending on the use of the DC power conversion module, the relevant power supply measures and the selected LED chip luminous efficiency, compared with the tungsten folk christmas lights up to the highest possible 90%), which can produce a relatively small heat (LED Christmas Lighting is a small power LED, which is much cold than the tungsten light), which is longer than the traditional Christmas small light.

In addition, there is a large number of LED Christmas lights, in 2007, in 2007, 2007, in 2007, in 2007, in 2007, in 2007, in 2007, in 2007, in 2007, the use of Christmas festival has reached a new high. Even the US presidential office is also declared using LED Christmas light.

2008 LED Christmas tree decoration, there are more new changes, not just energy saving, manufacturers generally couple more additional advantages, that is, various color conversions of LED Christmas Lightings, and LED Christmas Lighting Control System .

The general family uses LED Christmas Lighting to decorate its own house, generally the front of the door, the garden”s LED string, with the LED Christmas tree in the home. US Christmas Decor is a large LED Christmas Light Dress Supply and Installation Services, with 375 business bases in 48 states, the company”s LED lighting department calculated, and if the whole family, the family used LED Christmas lights to replace the tradition Tungsten fans can save the power of 2 billion degrees of electricity, which can produce electricity for 200,000 families.

The tide of this sales of LED Christmas lights also blows to a big store, like a large-scale pathway operator Target, also started selling home LED Christmas decoration and related lighting products. ANN Arbor”s small city with LED large factory Cree, a total of 114,000 LED bulbs, a total of $ 7,000 in the annual province.

LED Christmas Lighting Market Overview

How much is the LED Christmas light decoration in the world? It is necessary to use 120 billion in a year, and the current replacement rate of LED Christmas lights is about 20%.

Although it encounters the economic loss in 2008, people buy LED Christmas lighting will increase. In terms of Osram in Germany, OSRAM Sylvania said that its LED sales increased by 1 fold from 2007 and reached approximately 20 million units. The table factory is relatively small in the LED Christmas Lighting, mainly because of its low gross profit margin, and most of the products involved in the manufacturer are mainly the system integration of LED Christmas lights, for the European University of America Cooperation role.

At present, the price difference between LED Christmas lighting and traditional Christmas lighting and traditional Christmas lights is about 3 times. However, when LEDinside visited the Chinese market, from the true difference between the LED lighting and the lamp big factory, LED Christmas lights were 2 times, and some of the spreads of some products were lower. For the terminal market, Christmas festival or In the festival, there is no more expensive problem, but because the LED lighting has more advantages and improves its willingness, in terms of power saving, the cost of the purchase can be used by LED Christmas lights The stabble is eliminated.

The price of LED Christmas Lighting is comprehensive and the same opportunities with traditional Christmas lights are high, because some materials can be more saved, and the cost of traditional tungsten silk Christmas lights has also been in the end, no way less. Ledinside expects that the price of LED Christmas lights can be similar to traditional lighting prices in the next 2 years.

Other LED Christmas Lamp

The sale of LED Christmas lights is a quarterly-resistant product, and there are many orders to be a year ago. That is to say, the products developed by the manufacturer, most of them will appear in the end market at the end of the next year. Therefore, the product development in the field of LED Christmas Lamps must take diversification to meet the needs of purchases and passagers in countries.

Borealis Lighting in the United States launched a lot of LED lamps. In 2008, he also walked LED Christmas Lighting and LED Christmas Tree. Recently, the LED Christmas tree was also set in the famous Daley Square of Chicago, USA, and made decoration with a relatively large LED bulb. This is also a project with the US Welch Agency Underwriters Laboratories (UL), built up to 85-inch LED Christmas tree, and below the related photos, the time during the day and night.

The US DVICE LED Christmas Tree, the shape can be said to be quite special, and the LEDs of multiple colors are alternately lit, and the dimensions are also provided, from 8-feet to 100 ft high. The price is not cheap, and the 16-foot version is worth $ 30,000, there are thousands of LEDs.