Since 1984, the United States has developed in the United States, the smart home industry has been developed around the world for 30 years. After decades of technology change and market, with the frequent efforts of domestic Internet, operators, home appliances, hardware and other manufacturers, smart families have grown into integrated smart home appliances, home entertainment, home control, energy intelligence, intelligent medical care , Intelligent security, remote education, all the integrated industries in one field, will usher in the next market.


According to the data, my country is currently in the primary stage of the development of the smart home industry, the larger industry scale has not yet been formed, but the growth rate has probable reached 30.42%. In the next two years, with the rapid development of the strategic industry and other strategic industries such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, the China”s smart home industry will also maintain high growth trend, and the 2019 industry scale will reach 124 billion in 2019. Yuan, the growth rate reached 35.82%.

In the face of such a potential, the industry”s blue sea market, smart home industry is healthy and sustainable eco-industrial chain is particularly important. In general, the intelligent home industry chain can be roughly divided into three parts: single product, smart home system, industrial chain source and platform, and its industrial chain can be very rich, Internet, hardware, software, communication, cultural industry, decoration, The real estate industry can cooperate cross-border to form an industrial ecotry circle that collaborate to jointly improve the core competitiveness of the industrial chain.

In recent years, the cross-border integration of domestic smart home industry has emerged, iQiyi, Ali and other IT Internet companies have joined hands in traditional color TV manufacturers to enter the TV industry, Google and 360 also intentionally acquire hardware manufacturers to join home security smart camera ranks, active The market change catalyzes the gradual formation of the “hardware platform cloud content” of deep interactions, and service operators in the upstream of the industrial chain will become an important benefit sharing in the industrial chain in the next few years.

This is a challenge for operators and is also a new opportunity in the wisdom family. In the face of this opportunity, hold the operator of the broadband and mobile Internet innate advantages, the layout competition on the current smart family industry chain is also highlighted, recently, China Telecom will borrow family information service comprehensive solution “Yue M “Introduction, United TV manufacturers, chip manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, channels and application providers, etc., jointly launched the establishment of the Smart Home Industry Alliance, further aggregating the industrial chain of smart families. In the future, it can not only form an academic interaction through the Industry Alliance, the virtual circulation of technology sharing, but also through the industry alliance, strengthen the industry chain, downstream, constantly establish technical standards and industry standards, form a strong smart home industry cluster and new industries. growth point. China Mobile Layout “and Family” business is also open to various basic capabilities for partners while serving users. China Unicom tries to launch a “smart Wo Home” business, integrate OTT video, application mall, “free control” software, family cloud, and HD video calls. These are the smart home system platforms that use smart families to build a smart home system platform, which is also a new interpretation of the benign development of Hui Family Industry Chain Cooperation in the Competition of Operators” Layout.

Ke Lin Shi, as the first batch of leading brands involved in the smart home industry in China, this time, the prospect of the intelligent home and communication operators: the home broadband smart operation is the inevitable network value of the network value, and the user, It has strategic value in improving operations and promoting broadband industries. Therefore, communication operators cannot be limited to the role of “pipe”, but should be based on the transmission network, sensing network, and application network to carry out extensive industrial cooperation, and use the opportunities combined with 5G networks, it is more important in the industrial chain. s position. Future Internet of Things will rise and will strongly affect the future of future communication markets!

To this end, Colin is expected to join hands with the following cooperation ideas to help expand the new strategic pattern.

(1) Cooperation between the business hall counter or activity booth
(2) Provide value-added services to carry out tariff packages
(3) Providing activities and gifts

(4) Potential customer cooperation

Since the development of the smart family industry, operators have been involved in operations. Today, although the obstacles are still, they have been mature. With the in-depth of social informationization and the continuous improvement of information demand, the network has become indispensable in people”s daily lives. In the case of the key to the realization of smart families, there must be high-speed outstanding networks, which is the basis for operator service users. There is reason to believe that in the next few years, the telecom operators join hands with smart home manufacturers to participate in smart home applications, will play a positive role in the promotion of the entire industry.