They don”t just sit in the socket and light up the room like a regular light bulb, which is boring.

Smart light bulbs they are called smart for a reason. They can be connected wirelessly to a cell phone application, a feature that offers great possibilities for people.

Generally installed in the home bulbs only on and off, and can not intelligently adjust the brightness, smart lights can, as long as a dimmable smart bulb screwed into a light fixture or chandelier, with the corresponding application of the bulb can make them adjustable, they can be controlled from anywhere.

Some smart bulbs such as Belkin WeMo LED and GE Link bulbs allow you to control your lights by scheduling them when you are not at home. This is a very safe feature, because when you go on vacation, you leave the house and forget to turn off the lights, which means you have to come home to turn them off, or waste electricity or safety hazards, most light brands provide a switch, if there are smart bulbs, you can use an application to control all the lights.

They will change the color

Regulating the brightness is just one of them, but it can be taken a step further. Many smart bulbs also change colors, in fact, some, including the flow smart LED bulbs, can produce more than 16 million colors, and you can select the exact color you need by clicking a color wheel in the bulb”s app. Philip Hugh, Siri can even change your lights at any time.

Why would you want to change the color of your light bulb?

Want to warm up your room? Change your light color to gold.

Want to cool it down? Change your light color to light blue.

During the party, you can match the color of the theme with your lighting. [Atmosphere is important].

During the holidays, you can turn your light bulbs into red and green for Christmas, and we can tune red and yellow for spring.

Hate the color of your white walls? Change it up with lighting that adds a little blue, yellow or red tint to your everyday lighting with low intensity settings.

Someone will play music

Imagine you want to listen to a song and have to take a player or phone, smart bulbs don”t!

For example, PLAYBULB color its lights will pulsate and change color to match the mood of the music from the speakers. Just like a party in a light bulb.

In my experience, the only problem with this light bulb is that it is not very loud. When you walk from one room to another, you really can”t hear it. However, it is perfect for a teenager”s bedroom. If you want better sound quality and don”t want colored lights. The Mori Pulse is a great choice. It provides high quality audio that is also adjustable.

They can help you sleep better

Smart light bulbs can even help you sleep better. c sleep releases several color temperatures to help regulate the body”s natural melatonin production. Its light settings help suppress melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin closer to bedtime. The science of illumination is that another bulb emits a soothing light that does not interfere with your natural daytime rhythm.